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Gentle and mild

No more tears

Easy-to-rinse formula

Certified organic & Hypoallergenic

Supremely gentle, wonderfully cleansing
A gentle wash that does wonders for babies, including newborns! Its combination of natural botanicals and Aloe Vera help to refresh and moisturise, leaving your baby in tip-top condition, from head to toe. Bath time is now all smiles and no tears!
Wash your allergy- related worries away
We use only all-natural ingredients, which makes our wash safe for babies with sensitive skin, or even those with eczema! It’s certified allergy-safe, so you can be certain that your baby is being taken care of.
No reason to panic when it’s organic
Some products claim to be things they are not, but not us! The ingredients in our wash such as lavender, chamomile and olive oil are all certified organic, so you don’t have to worry if you’re getting the real deal.

Full Of Love, Free Of Bad Stuff

Our Head-To-Toe Wash is totally safe for sensitive skin. A baby’s skin is 20% thinner than an adult’s skin, which is why our products contain no unnecessary chemicals that will pose health risks on your child.
No SLES/SLS Parabens/ Sulfates
These chemicals may pose health risks to your child, especially those with sensitive skin.
Fragrance contains substances that may trigger skin irritations.
Phenoxyethanol, Quaternium-15, Propylene Glycol, TEA, DEA are preservatives that cause rashes and are hormone disruptor.

Inspired Ingredients

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice
Super-hydrating, soothing and refreshing
Calendula Officinalis
Soothes dry or eczema-prone skin, contains healing effects
Chamomile Flower
Hypoallergenic, contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil
Calming and relaxing; a natural antiseptic.


Use Offspring Gentle Head-to-Toe Wash like this:
  • Pour a small amount into palm. Let baby in on the fun, too!
  • Lather and apply all over baby. Have fun with the foam!
  • Rinse with water. Ta-daa! Baby’s all fresh and clean!

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